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Leo Rudá

Everything started 17 years ago, a childhood passion saw an open door inside the amazing world of films and videos. Starting with the lighting crew Rudá trailed his path and grew into Cinematography, Directing and Producing. This experience is expressed through different kinds of video products: movies, commercials, video music, series, and more.


In 2015, Rudá accepted the challenge of working as a Video Team manager for Riot Games, creating and producing e-sports & Gaming content for YouTube and online medias. Acting as a director or cinematographer, when needed. First as a freelancer, then full time at the Riot Office.


Now Rudá is back to freelancing! You can find him working mostly with video music, documentary and advertisement, but don’t hesitate to reach him out for exciting opportunities!


"The only way to do a GREAT JOB is to love what you do"

Steve Jobs

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São Paulo - SP

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