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Studio Time


Leo Rudá started his career in 2006 as an electrician in a lightning crew for short films, TV programs, commercials, and music videos.


In 2011, Rudá became a camera assistant and started to direct and produce some independent projects. One of them is called "Cantorices", a web series based on music videos singed by Bruna Caram. It caught the eye of the media and other producers.


Back then, Rudá had the opportunity to work with an unknown rapper from São Paulo called Leandro "Emicida". Rudá was one of the cinematographers who worked on the music video "Então Toma". This project received the Best Music Video award on MTV VMB 2011. 

In the next project he did with Emicida, a music video, Rudá acted as a screenplay consultant and fight choreographer.


Later on, Rudá worked with TV series, music videos, and commercials for different brands and artists, such as ITAU, SUZUKI, RIOT GAMES, GLOBO, BAND, RECORD, GNT, MULTISHOW, VEVO, ANTARTICA, BANCO DO BRASIL, SKY, EMICIDA, MARCELO D2, LOLLAPALOOZA, BRUNA CARAM, FABIANA COZZA, ADRIANA CALCANHOTO, DJ MARKY, and VITÃO.


In 2013, during the street riots that happened in Brazil against the rise in public transportation cost, Rudá started to film a documentary called "20 Centavos" as a cinematographer. That movie got into different festivals around the world and stayed on Netflix's catalog for 2 years after its release. If you want to check it out, it's free on Vimeo.


In 2016, Rudá got into Riot Games as a Video Producer Manager after producing and directing some freelancer projects for League Of Legends and esports.  His main responsibilities included managing the Video team, content creation, and producing esports and gaming content for YouTube and online media. At Riot, he had the opportunity to create content such as live-action, 3D, 2D, and in-game productions.


In 2018, Rudá met Vitão, a Brazilian singer that was starting his career. Rudá worked in the 5 firsts music videos as a cinematographer, helping to create his image as an artist and grow the reach of his social media.


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